New Bike tour in Cordoba!


If you're planing to visit Cordoba soon, you're in the right place! We have different bike tours all around the city. You'll see the most emblematic places of our beautifull city, and our local guides will show you the tucked away places tipical of Andaucia and its flamenco roots! We´ll bring you to the best sites including the Mezquita in the Barrio de la Judería, the "calleja de las flores", and the "plaza del potro". Additionally, we will also take you into the neighbourhoods, such as the Barrio de la Magdalena, which is not as tourist but incredibly beautiful.

If you have allready seen all of this, you can come with us to the Palace of Medina Azahara, which was the most luxurious and gorgeous palace in the Caliphal Era. This is just 6 miles away from the city center and the excursion time is about 3 hours (1:30h visiting the ruins). On the way we will ride our ebikes past fields of wheat, and we'll see bulls (from far away!!) before arriving to Medina Azahara. This is an experience that you can't miss!


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